The demand for staff has increased not only in the high-end segment of the industry. There is a high demand for low-end employees also. Generally, the outsourcing firms have created in-house courses for the training for necessary specialists. A widely accepted practice is the creation of in-house schools and training academies. Often these courses are available even remotely. In applying this practice some staff partially meeting the requirements is being employed and subsequently trained by the experts of the company until it reaches proper operating level.

​Average salaries of about EUR 910 (net) may be misleading when concerning recruiting and expectations for fast filling a vacant position for a programmer
even with medium level of advancement. But the shortage of staff with the necessary competencies encourages employers to hire and/or include in their
training "beginners staff" whose pay as junior programmers are below the indicated average.

The relatively high levels of "administrative staff ", which we define as staff with average skills are notable. This means that an employee of a medium profile in the IT sector takes about 30% more compared with the same type of position in other industries.